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Tauranga's experts can identify asbestos and remove it safely

Professional service for your peace of mind
Asbestos can be a serious problem, but it's not one you need to worry about for long. Even if we identify asbestos on your property, it can be removed and disposed of quickly and efficiently. However, this work must be left to the experts. Contact Ashmoor Construction Ltd in Tauranga and we'll come to you, anywhere in New Zealand, and safely remove asbestos from your property. By removing asbestos, you're working towards a safer, healthier environment for your family home, or commercial property.

Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your investment is asbestos-free today. 
Team of experts at the manufacturing plant in Tauranga

Types of Asbestos we remove

Textured coatings : We can remove , and repaint or use your own painter

Wall claddings : We can remove your asbestos wall claddings and replace with new modern products .

Vinyl flooring : 

Pipe lagging

Super 6 roofs & fences

Reliable and efficient

At Ashmoor Construction Ltd, we understand that your time is important. That's why we're committed to reliable and efficient service. We arrive on time, every time, and work quickly to ensure you can get on with the more important things sooner.

Although we work swiftly, at the same time we provide a completely guaranteed service.

Clear communication

To complement our detailed reports, Ashmoor Construction Ltd provides clear, regular communication. We let you know of all our progress, and will inform you as soon as we identify asbestos.

To guarantee an asbestos-free future for you and your family, call us from anywhere in New Zealand today.
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